I'd show Lornes UnCut seg. to a first timer above all others

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Warren G H a r d i n g: Wish I had a mistress to play with wish I could cuddle u in my arm carress you and blank your blank Nov 29, 2021 18:41:49 GMT -5
President H a r d i n g: You could say you were my presidential staffer, this way no one would know but you and me...and who we want to know ;) Nov 29, 2021 18:42:38 GMT -5
Goofball Mormon : Jesus Rocks! *masturbates and hopes The Lord isn't looking* Nov 29, 2021 21:37:07 GMT -5
Tonya H a r d i n g : Wish I had a club to break Nancy Kerrigan's leg with wish I could could cuddle and caress the gold medal in my arms and blank its blank Nov 29, 2021 21:45:59 GMT -5
Luke Aprile Jr. : I'm riding the tea cups at Disneyland out of respect to my grandfawtha Nov 29, 2021 21:48:35 GMT -5
Florence H a r d i n g: Wish I had a husband who didn't have extramarital affairs, wish I could kettle you in my arms and blank his blank Nov 29, 2021 22:52:45 GMT -5
Mister Penis: I wish I could marry you right now because I would do it Nov 29, 2021 22:58:47 GMT -5
Kaylaaa: Kewl Nov 29, 2021 23:06:48 GMT -5
President Washington: Can I get a ride home to the White House? You mean I have to walk back? Nov 29, 2021 23:07:50 GMT -5
President Gaye : For my first act as president, I will suck off all the world leaders and I will get sucked back and we all will get along as we smash asses together and rub furiously to end the pandemic. Nov 29, 2021 23:25:41 GMT -5
President John Adams (Daniels): Oh cwap am I gowna be i-i-IMPEACHED Nov 29, 2021 23:32:42 GMT -5
President Andre Jackson: My username is big black dick Nov 29, 2021 23:33:37 GMT -5
President Rauch: So Kim Jong-un do you fuck around? Nov 30, 2021 0:23:57 GMT -5
Ric ha rd Burnham: You have a little southern accent to ya? Nov 30, 2021 1:04:58 GMT -5
President Warren G. H arding: I've got books that I read. It deals with younger-older, you know, president-secretary... Nov 30, 2021 2:17:35 GMT -5
Presidente Rolando Molestocruz: Pliisss siir Nov 30, 2021 3:26:54 GMT -5
Uncommon perv: I have fantasies of John Kennelly walking into my home buck naked, he then proceeds to sit bare-assed on a bar stool. I walk in quietly and just stare, pull my pants down and start masturbating profusely. John is oblivious to my presence, eyes closed. Nov 30, 2021 3:34:40 GMT -5
pleece: pleece Nov 30, 2021 4:50:00 GMT -5
Dope: I don't know that she's 13, no matter what she says! Nov 30, 2021 6:05:31 GMT -5
Pal: Please, if you let me go, I swear—you can have the, the pizza, whatever I brought down— Nov 30, 2021 6:52:10 GMT -5
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